Simply ME lo

I know this is weird and I don’t have many followers, heck my sister is probably the only one who will read this, but I need some major advice. 1st you need to know about this guy. I new him for 3 days and then he asked me out. You may be be thinking that’s not weird your in high school, guys should be asking you out all the time. I would say to that “what kinda high school experience have you had? And why are you on the Internet pretending to be one of us web dwellers ?” Anyway there was this new guy in my choir class we start talking because he likes my mlp lunch box and then we skip off with linked arms to next class singing we’re off to see the wizard (of oz) and then he ask for my number and says I am his new best friend. The next day he is texting me all day and I find out he is depressed. He had switched schools because he had found his long term boy friend cheating on him. I tell him things will work out and he will be fine. And think to my self great my first gay friend. Day 3 I know this guy - he asks to take my lunch box to his next class to see how they would react. I said fine but I need it back because my little sister gave it to me. We make plans to meet up after class for the hand off. So after a class of non stop texting from him, he tells me about his new lesbian friend that he was going to give a make over. Then he says “I have something to tell you … but not here” I thought odd and kind cryptic but I said “okay” and he says “I will text it to ya” I say “alright” and we part ways. I go back to my graphics class to do some final touches on things now that schools out. He then texts me “I am thinking about getting my first gf … ” I think well although I am not the most preppy or girly girl out there this is my new gay friend why not hop on the ban wagon and play the part. So I text back “who why give me the dish” he gets all confused about the word dish and its awkward and he says he doesn’t want to talk about it so I just change the topic to something neutral and he texts back “it’s you …” I say “what” and he explains he likes me. I can handle this and I have a panic attack and realize on top of that I was late to work. So I tell him I have to process and I was late for work so ttyl. Later I tell him I am flattered and all but that I wasn’t looking for a boy friend. After that I try and stay friends I didn’t want things to be awkward but he is kissing my hand every 3 seconds and he gives his ring he was wearing. ( it’s rubber and says texting kills) he make up some story about how he just wants me to be safe and have a reminder so I won’t die driving. After that he just disappears and didn’t come back to school. I find out a month later he graduated early.

I was so glad he was out of my life forever!

Then 2 months of nothing he started to work at a store I frequently shop at and the awkward train just kept going. He tells me there in the middle of the lady’s pj section that his dad had deleted a bunch of numbers out of his phone in of a fit of rage and that he needed my phone number again. To be polite I give it to him.

Big mistake!!!

He texts me now and again but I just ignore them. 4 months go by … and I just can’t keep ignoring this guy. I decide to respond this is how conversation goes :
He- hey
Me- hi
He- sup
Me- nothing just stinking at bowling last period

At this point I just stop looking at my phone ( it’s lunch ) . So I tell my friends about this guy everything up till then. They ask “… and did he say anything after that” I say ” no … but I haven’t checked.” I do and he had texted.

Lol why

At this point I am miffed why would you ask why someone stunk at something ( 1st game I had got 137 and said I stunk because next game I only got like 73 ). I pass the phone off and let my friends have fun texting this guy because I was just so done. The conversation goes like this.

Me- I just do alright? don’t judge me!
He- I don’t. Lol, I think it’s cute.

My friends are like oh no he didn’t

He asks what’s up

I say watching my friends try to whistle with grass

His text ” are you single? ”

I just throw my phone across the circle. I just can’t deal with it.
My friends just text that I still don’t want a boyfriend and he tries to say that’s not why he was asking and that he didn’t want to offend some bf if I had one. My friends just type thanks he wanted to know for what and I just never responded.

Here is where I need help. He tried to text me again today and I just don’t know what to do. You would think ignoring him for 4 months would be sign enough but he didn’t get it. Well I don’t want to break his heart and I still want to be able to go to my regular shopping place but well he is there

I just need help, could you give me some advice? Anyone!